Invited Presentations

Presentations by the following invited speakers will be part of the scientific program:

Heiner Ryssel

Andrew Wittkower

Reinhard Ploss (Infineon)

Hilton Glavish (Zimec)
Review of Major Innovations in Beam Line Design

Hans Joachim Gossmann (Applied Materials)
Doping Requirements for FinFET and Horizontal-Gate-all-around Devices and Implications for Ion-implant-based Doping Processes

Maria Luisa Polignano
Characterization Techniques for Ion-implanted Layers

Alexander Suvorov (Wolfspeed)
Experimental Study of Channeling Implantation of Al and P Ions into 4H-SiC

Nikolay Cherkashin (CEMES)
Materials Science Issues behind the Smart Cut Process

Amitabh Jain (Globalfoundries/Malta NY)
The Role of Doping Technology in the CMOS Digital Revolution

Eugenia Toimil-Molares (GSI Helmholzzentrum)
Nanochannels, Nanowires, and Nanotubes Fabricated by Ion-track Nanotechnology

Kazunari Kurita (Sumco)
Proximity Gettering Design of Silicon Wafers using Hydrocarbon Molecular Ion Implantation Technique for Advanced CMOS Image Sensors

Atsushi Kitagawa (Heavy-Ion Radiotherapy)
Recent Technology for Heavy Ion Radiotherapy

Karl-Heinz Heinig (Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf)
Ion Irradiation for Nanoelectronics: nm-scale Structures by Mixing and Phase Separation