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Institutional partnerships

The Frontiers Institutional Partnerships program works with hundreds of research institutions, libraries, consortia and funders to streamline the way in which researchers are supported financially when publishing open access.

If you're a librarian, resource manager or are responsible for the enablement of open access policies in your institution and would like to know more about our institutional plans, please get in touch.

How we can help

The Institutional Partnerships program reduces administrative time for institutions and authors by centralizing communications and improving submission and payment workflows.

Benefits for institutional partners

  • Discounts are applied to your APCs, depending on the agreement.
  • You'll have access to a tailored dashboard where you can approve funding, monitor engagement and download reports.
  • You'll be given full control with every APC verified by a central contact point.
  • You'll have personalized, dedicated account management support to ensure a seamless partnership.

Benefits for affiliated authors

  • You'll have comprehensive support throughout the publishing process.
  • Your submission process will be simplified with guidelines and a standardized format to facilitate efficient processing.
  • You can increase the impact of your research by improving its discoverability and engagement within the global research community.
  • You'll be released of some or all responsibility for Article Processing Charges (APCs), depending on the agreement.

If you want to know whether your institution is already part of the Frontiers institutional community, please use the search bar at the bottom of the page.

Your payment options

The Frontiers Institutional Partnership offers partners flexible and predictable payment models. These sustainable payment plans ensure that institutions like yours can allocate their resources effectively while supporting open access initiatives.

How you can become a Frontiers Institutional Partner

Institutions can become partners individually, or via a national consortium agreement.

More than 650 institutions across the world already collaborate with Frontiers in this way. If you are interested in setting up an institutional partnership with Frontiers and need more information, please contact us today.

If you want to recommend Frontiers' institutional plans to your librarian, contact us through the form below:

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